How Much Are Power Wheels?

How Much Are Power Wheels?

When thinking about the best gift for our kids, we think about power wheels. However, being a top brand whose name has become associated with all the ride-on toy cars, many people worry about their prices, which in most cases is relatively high compared to other brands. The average cost of Power Wheels is $300-$500. … Read more

6 Power Wheels For Big Kids

power wheels for big kids

We all know being a parent can be very difficult at times and kids are big balls of energy. When it comes to the kids being full of energy you need the perfect toys to keep them entertained. Power Wheels ride-on toys are the perfect toy to keep your child entertained, happy and having fun. … Read more

Peg Perego vs Power Wheels: Which is Better?

peg perego vs power wheels

Even though Power Wheels has become a common household name associated with ride-on toy cars, Peg Perego was the first company to produce battery-powered toys. Power Wheels and Peg Perego have been the two major players in the ride-on toys industry for the last three decades. And despite the fact that they have been competing … Read more

Understanding Power Wheels Warranty

Power Wheels warranty

Any part in the Power Wheels, like battery, motor, or wiring, can malfunction. You can repair these malfunctions under the Power Wheels Warranty claim, so you do not have to pay. The Power Wheels offer a bumper-to-bumper warranty for one year and a battery warranty for six months. These warranties are conditional, which only covers … Read more

10 Best 2 Seater Ride on Jeeps For 2021

best 2 seater ride on jeep

Whether you decide to purchase your child’s toys from a large in person store or an online business, there are so many toys to choose from which can be overwhelming. One of the most popular toys that are considered any child’s favorite are, ride on toys. So why not let your little one have a … Read more

Are Power Wheels Worth It? Here’s Why They Are

are power wheels worth it

If you ask any boy or girl aged between 3 and 7 if they would want their own car, the answer would almost always be YES! Which kid does not love the idea of zipping around like mom or dad in their own set of wheels? There is a myriad of different brands available on … Read more

7 Power Wheels Storage Ideas

Power Wheels Storage Ideas

When you get home, do you always find your kid’s power wheels parked on the driveway or in the middle of the garage? Well, then you’re not alone. Many parents face this organizational challenge every day. Like every other toy your kid owns, the power wheels need ideal storage space, particularly during the wet months. … Read more

7 Best 24 Volt Ride On Toys With Complete Buyers Guide

Best 24 Volt Ride On Toys

The Electric Ride On toys are the most popular children’s toys, they are safe and durable to use. In comparison to 12v, the 24 volt Ride On has a better experience, better runtime, and better speed. Parents find it hard to pick which 24v Ride On to buy in terms of safety, speed, and durability. … Read more

What Age For Power Wheels

What Age For Power Wheels

Buying Power Wheels for your kid can be a tough decision.  Besides choosing from the hundreds of models in the market, you also have to consider the kid’s age. With every year that passes, kids outgrow their toys and probably need new ones.  Toy manufacturers have, however, adopted the trend of creating Power Wheels according … Read more

Best Power Wheels For Grass

Best Power Wheels For Grass

The luscious grass in your garden is one of the safest places for your kids to play. However, not every Power Wheels or Ride-on toy is good on grass. Some will ruin your lawn while others just won’t have enough power. There are a few things you need to look out for when choosing the … Read more