How to Fix Power Wheels Thermal Fuse Problems

How to Fix Power Wheels Thermal Fuse Problems

My kid’s Power Wheel stopped working, and I opened up the whole thing to find out why. Turns out it was the thermal fuse. Since you are here to find a solution to the same problem I am explaining the thermal fuse and its problems in this article, and trust me; you do not need … Read more

Power Wheels Makeover

power wheels makeover

Your child will lose interest if the Power Wheels are old and with many scratches; give it a new look with a makeover. You can paint the Power Wheels in a combination of colors that your Kid will love, add custom-made decals to make it cooler.  You have to disassemble the vehicle, remove the stickers, … Read more

Best Ride-On Toys for 5-10 Year Olds

Best Power Wheels for 5-10 Year Olds

Since the 80s, Power Wheels have given children a way to connect to their parents, increase their independence, and explore the world in a completely different way. However, design flaws in earlier models have resulted in over 10 million products being recalled. We have compiled a list of the 12 best Power Wheels to make … Read more

How to Tell if Power Wheels Battery is Charging

How to Tell if Power Wheels Battery is Charging

Has your kid’s power wheels battery been connected to the mains for a few hours, and you’re not sure if it’s charging or not? Well, if you left it dormant for a few weeks or suspected that it was over-discharged, then you must be wondering if it’s still functioning or not. Luckily, there is a … Read more

Are Power Wheels Tires Interchangeable?

Are Power Wheels Tires Interchangeable

You bought your child a Power Wheels vehicle and you are thinking of changing the tires. You start looking at other vehicles for a style you like best and that will still look good on this particular vehicle. You pick out a set and now you start to ask ‘are the tires interchangeable’? Unfortunately, Power … Read more

Top 10 Fastest Ride-On Cars

Top 10 Fastest Power Wheels

Ride-On toys can go up to the speed of 20 mph. The Ride-On toys from different brands like Fit Right, Razor, Kidtrax, Power Wheels offer the fastest Ride-On toys recommended for kids from 3-15 years. The ten Fastest Ride-On toys have motors up to 1000 watts and the battery pack up to 48V based on … Read more

Can You Overcharge a Power Wheels Battery?

Overcharging a Power Wheels Battery

Overcharging a Power Wheels battery is a common problem; most of the time, parents leave the Power Wheels on charging overnight because that is the only time their kid is not playing and they are not working. This constant overcharging will cause damages to the battery. When a Power Wheels battery is overcharged, it starts … Read more

Can Power Wheels go in Snow?

Can Power Wheels go in Snow?

Power Wheels are fantastic vehicles that give children the capability to explore their world in a whole new way. However, being powered by an electric battery presents some disadvantages to their use. Power Wheels cannot go in the snow. The main issue with the product is that they are highly susceptible to water damage, meaning … Read more

How to Add Seat Belts to Power Wheels

Power Wheels With Seat Belts

Have you ever wondered if the safety belt on your kid’s power wheels can keep your kid safe in case of an accident? There are numerous power wheels with seat belts; however, most models have a decorative seat belt that can’t offer much safety. Luckily, there is a way you can keep your kid safe … Read more

4 Best Power Wheels For 2 Year Olds

Best Power Wheels For 2 Year Olds

Being a parent we want to ensure that our children enjoy their younger years and that they have the best toys possible to keep them entertained. Sometimes when our child is smaller we struggle to find active toys for them to play with and move around on safely. This article will tell you all the … Read more