Power Wheels Only Goes in Reverse

Power Wheels Only Goes in Reverse

Is your kid’s power wheels vehicle only going in reverse, even after you have switched to forward mode? Is the power wheels toy stuck on reverse mode and can’t switch back to forward mode? Well, you’re not alone. Some power wheels tend to go in reverse when the reverse/forward switch malfunctions. Unfortunately, most people don’t … Read more

How to Fix Power Wheels Radio Not Working

Power Wheels radio not working

Power Wheels radio not working, most of the time it is the problem with battery, wires or radio itself. The Radio may also malfunction because of its interaction with other parts in the vehicle or interference with home radio/TV systems. You can use a Multimeter to find the power problem with the battery, wire, or … Read more

Power Wheels Troubleshooting: 16 Problems and Solutions

Power Wheels Troubleshooting: 16 Problems and Solutions

When troubleshooting power wheels, most of the faults you’re likely to encounter are mechanical and solvable, with only a few of them requiring attention from a professional. Here’s a list of the common problems we tackled in the article: The car only has no reverse Car won’t move / no sound from gears Motors overheat … Read more

How to Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger

How to Charge Power Wheels Without Charger

There are multiple ways to charge a power wheel battery without a charger. The ways to charge your power wheels battery without a charger could be by a car battery, a portable battery jump charger, solar panels, bench charger, or a trickle battery charger. Each option has its own benefits to charging your child’s power … Read more

Ride On Car Remote Control Not Working

Ride On Car Remote Control Not Working

Is your kid’s ride-on car remote not working? Well, in most instances, the simple solution for this problem is usually replacing the batteries. But at times, the problem can be more than just dead batteries, and knowing how to troubleshoot this issue can help you save a lot of cash on repairs. Why Is My … Read more

Can Power Wheels Get Wet? (Explained)

Can Power Wheels Get Wet?

Power Wheels are not designed to get wet. Moisture can damage electrical components in toy cars and erode and rust mechanisms. In wet conditions, they should be stored inside or with a cover. In this article we will discuss what to do if your Power Wheels get wet and provide a guide on washing, storing, … Read more

Electric Ride On Car Not Charging: How to Fix

Electric Ride On Car Not Charging

Is your kid’s electric ride on car not charging? Well, these toys tend to stop charging when they’re not well maintained.  Unfortunately, most parents don’t know how to troubleshoot this toy vehicle and always assume that the battery is dead when it’s not charging, which is not always the case.  So, before purchasing a new … Read more

How Long Do Power Wheels Batteries Last?

How Long Do Power Wheels Batteries Last?

When you are buying power wheels for your child, an important thing that comes to your mind is how long your kid can play in one charging. The time of playing is based on a combination of battery and motor, also if the power wheels have other playing features like speakers and lights then it … Read more

Power Wheels Won’t Go Forward

Power Wheels Won’t go Forward

One of the most common problems faced by power wheels users is that “power wheels won’t go forward”.  Sometimes when your kid is trying to drive the power wheels, it will only go in reverse, and not forward; there can be a few reasons for that.  If your power wheels won’t go forward, the problem … Read more