How to Paint Power Wheels in 9 Steps

how to paint power wheels

Has the paint on your kid’s power wheels started to peel off, or has your child started disliking the toy car’s color and asked for a new one? Well, power wheels are sturdy toys, and the only way you improve their overall appearance is by repainting them. Repainting it can give it a new look. … Read more

How to Lower Power Wheels in 9 Steps

How to Lower Power Wheels

You can lower a Power Wheels to make it look cooler, just like the real car experience. Power Wheels have a good amount of gap between tires and body that can be reduced.  The process is simple. You have to remove the steering, windshield, wheels, and motors. Start working from the front side, modify the … Read more

How to Install a Variable Speed Pedal

How to Install a Variable Speed Pedal in Power Wheels

All Power Wheels come with a gas pedal that switches off when released and on when pressed. Unfortunately, this gas pedal can get damaged with time. Therefore, instead of replacing it with a similar one, you can opt for a variable-speed pedal. This throttle gives your kid more control, but installing it can be challenging … Read more

Are There Manual Transmission Go-Karts? (How to make one)

Manual Transmission Go Kart

Most go-karts do not have a manual transmission. However, should you want to add a manual transmission to your go-kart it is possible and not overly difficult. Keep in mind that adding a manual transmission to your go-kart will change the overall dynamics, which may be for better or for worse depending on your desires. … Read more

DIY Go Kart Differential

Go Kart Differential

A differential will help the go-kart go around the corners smoothly, but differentials are very heavy, which affects the racing power of a go-kart; that is why the go-karts don’t come with a stock differential.  If you have a go-kart for non-racing purposes, then putting in a differential is an excellent idea to increase grip … Read more

How to Plasti Dip Power Wheels

Plasti Dip Power Wheels

Has your kid outgrown the current color of their power wheels and need it repainted? Well, you’re not alone, kids tend to change their favorite colors frequently, and when this happens, you may have to repaint their toy cars. Luckily, there is a way you can cover your kid’s toy repaint the power wheels in … Read more

Power Wheels Makeover

power wheels makeover

Your child will lose interest if the Power Wheels are old and with many scratches; give it a new look with a makeover. You can paint the Power Wheels in a combination of colors that your Kid will love, add custom-made decals to make it cooler.  You have to disassemble the vehicle, remove the stickers, … Read more

Are Power Wheels Tires Interchangeable?

Are Power Wheels Tires Interchangeable

You bought your child a Power Wheels vehicle and you are thinking of changing the tires. You start looking at other vehicles for a style you like best and that will still look good on this particular vehicle. You pick out a set and now you start to ask ‘are the tires interchangeable’? Unfortunately, Power … Read more

Can Power Wheels go in Snow?

Can Power Wheels go in Snow?

Power Wheels are fantastic vehicles that give children the capability to explore their world in a whole new way. However, being powered by an electric battery presents some disadvantages to their use. Power Wheels cannot go in the snow. The main issue with the product is that they are highly susceptible to water damage, meaning … Read more

How to Add Seat Belts to Power Wheels

Power Wheels With Seat Belts

Have you ever wondered if the safety belt on your kid’s power wheels can keep your kid safe in case of an accident? There are numerous power wheels with seat belts; however, most models have a decorative seat belt that can’t offer much safety. Luckily, there is a way you can keep your kid safe … Read more