Power Wheels Go Kart Conversion

Power Wheels Go Kart Conversion

You can convert a Power Wheels into a Go-Kart to make it more exciting. You have to start by removing the body. The rear axle should be modified first, then the front axle, and all the other modifications. Once the movement modification is finished, start upgrading the speed by installing a new motor, batteries, and … Read more

Power Wheels Brushless Motor Upgrade

Power Wheels Brushless Motor Upgrade

Has the motor of your kid’s Power Wheels stopped working? Is the toy car producing a clicking sound every time your kid drives it? If this happens, then it’s time to replace the Power Wheels’ brushed motor. Many folks have complained that the brushed motor tends to break down faster. Fortunately, there is a perfect … Read more

How to Get Power Wheels License Plate

Power Wheels License Plate

A Power Wheels License plate can be a good decoration piece for your child’s ride. Children like to decorate their car, and they would love to have a license plate like their parent’s car.  You can buy the Power Wheels License plates from ride-on toy shops or online stores. There is a lot of variety. … Read more

Convert Power Wheels to Lawn Mower Battery

Convert Power Wheels to Lawn Mower Battery

If your Power Wheels battery fails, the lawn mower battery laying around the yard can be a good alternative to it. You have to make sure that the lawn mower battery is a deep-cycle lead-acid battery and its size is good enough to fit in the Power Wheels with little modification. The same voltage is … Read more

6 Power Wheels 12V Battery Alternatives

Power Wheels 12V Battery Alternative

If your 12V Power Wheels Battery fails, it is possible to replace it with an alternative battery you may have laying around your house. It can be a car battery, a motorcycle battery, a UPS battery, or the home security system batteries, etc. The best choice from these will be a 12v Sealed Lead Acid … Read more

Power Wheels Gearbox Upgrade in 10 Steps

Power Wheels Gearbox Upgrade

Has your kid’s power wheels gearbox broken down? Or is it producing some weird noises every time your child drives it? Well, if that is the case, then it’s time to upgrade the power wheels gearbox. Many parents have complained that these toys’ gearboxes tend to break down with time. Luckily, there is a solution … Read more

Can You Put a 12V Battery in a 6V Power Wheel?

Can You Put a 12V Battery in a 6V Power Wheel

If you want to increase the speed of your power wheels, you can put a 12V battery in the place of a 6V battery, and that will do the trick.  If you add a second gearbox, then the upgrade will improve the power wheels’ traction.  Why should you upgrade your 6V battery to 12V? 6V power … Read more

Power Wheels Drill Conversion (5 Easy Steps)

Power Wheels Drill Conversion

Using a battery from unused and old power tools like drills or flashlights will save your money for battery replacement in the power wheels, this process is called power wheels drill conversion. The drill conversion gives a new life to the battery so it can be used again. The process is simple, you just have … Read more

How to Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control

How to Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control

So, you have bought your kids a power wheels car. However, you want to make sure they will not drive themselves into the real road. Thankfully, there is a way to turn your power wheels car into a mega-sized remote-controlled vehicle. Not only is this safer for kids, it is also fun for you! How … Read more

How to make Power Wheels Faster

How to Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control

Most of the traditional 6V or 12V Power Wheels have low speed, these Power Wheels can be made faster after some modifications which generally increase the voltage.  Ideally, the 6V can be upgraded to 12V and 12V can be upgraded to 24V. You can also change the voltage according to your requirements or resources. Upgrading … Read more