Power Wheels Drill Conversion (5 Easy Steps)

Power Wheels Drill Conversion

Using a battery from unused and old power tools like drills or flashlights will save your money for battery replacement in the power wheels, this process is called power wheels drill conversion. The drill conversion gives a new life to the battery so it can be used again. The process is simple, you just have … Read more

How to Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control

How to Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control

So, you have bought your kids a power wheels car. However, you want to make sure they will not drive themselves into the real road. Thankfully, there is a way to turn your power wheels car into a mega-sized remote-controlled vehicle. Not only is this safer for kids, it is also fun for you! How … Read more

How to make Power Wheels Faster

How to Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control

Most of the traditional 6V or 12V Power Wheels have low speed, these Power Wheels can be made faster after some modifications which generally increase the voltage.  Ideally, the 6V can be upgraded to 12V and 12V can be upgraded to 24V. You can also change the voltage according to your requirements or resources. Upgrading … Read more

How to Lift Power Wheels in 9 Steps

Can You Lift Power Wheels

If you are living in a hilly area, it will be difficult for your kids to play with their power wheels because of the height of the power wheels; the solution for this is to lift the power wheels to increase their height. The idea is to add some parts to the power wheels to … Read more

How to Add Lights to Power Wheels

Adding Lights to Power Wheels

We all know that kids love to stand out from the crowd and be the center of attention. As parents, we also love to give our kids that sweet delight and thrill as much as possible.  You don’t need to spend on expensive gifts to excite your child. Just a simple 40 minute DIY lighting … Read more

10 Best Ways To Customize Power Wheels

How To Customize Power Wheels

You’ve probably made an encounter with that small, rumbling vehicle scooting past your driveway with stickers and shiny sparkles driven by someone under 9.  Or perhaps, your little ones are even their proud owners. But have you seen ones that are specifically modified to suit all your children’s imagination and fun-loving whims perfectly?  If you’re … Read more

How to Change Power Wheel to Rubber Tires

Power Wheel Rubber Tire

Power Wheels are miniature vehicles for young children that resemble trucks, cars, and motorbikes and work on battery packs to drive around.  Just like other vehicles, Power Wheels need traction to move around effectively. You will notice that Power Wheels come with plastic tires that tend to spin on grass and mud and can be … Read more

How to Replace Tires on Power Wheels (8 Steps)

How to Replace Tires on Power Wheels

Power wheels may require minor repairs or replacement from time to time. With time, tires of the power wheels start to lose traction, which requires replacing tires for safe driving.  When you increase the speed of your power wheels, it implies that the power wheels require more traction. You may need to change the plastic … Read more