9 Electric Dirt Bikes That go 30+MPH

Electric Dirt Bikes That go 30+MPH

Dirt bikes are loved by everyone who loves adventures rides and off-road activities. The electric dirt bikes are eco-friendly, which does not harm the environment. The off-road capability, run time, and speed are the main factors in an electric dirt bike. The gas/fuel dirt bikes are usually faster than the electric ones, but electric bikes … Read more

How Much Are Power Wheels?

How Much Are Power Wheels?

When thinking about the best gift for our kids, we think about power wheels. However, being a top brand whose name has become associated with all the ride-on toy cars, many people worry about their prices, which in most cases is relatively high compared to other brands. The average cost of Power Wheels is $300-$500. … Read more

6 Power Wheels For Big Kids

power wheels for big kids

We all know being a parent can be very difficult at times and kids are big balls of energy. When it comes to the kids being full of energy you need the perfect toys to keep them entertained. Power Wheels ride-on toys are the perfect toy to keep your child entertained, happy and having fun. … Read more

DIY Power Wheels Trailer

DIY Power Wheels Trailer

A trailer will be a great addition to your kid’s Power Wheels toy, but only a few brands offer trailers in stock that are not compatible with other models.  You can create one Power Wheels trailer in a DIY activity using metal square tubing, wheels, expanded metal/plywood, metal rods, nuts, bolts, etc. First, you need … Read more

How to Fix a Cracked Power Wheels Tire

how to fix a cracked power wheel tire

Has one of your kid’s power wheels’ plastic tires cracked? Well, if it has, then you’re not alone; most parents have to deal with this issue at some point and some of them end up replacing the tires. Fortunately, it is possible to repair a cracked power wheel tire in under one hour instead of … Read more

Power Wheels Wiring Diagram (Explained)

power wheels wiring diagram

When a wire fails in the Power Wheels or you apply speed modifications, you must know each wire. The power Wheels wiring diagram helps you to understand each wire and its operation. The power Wheels Wiring diagram includes batteries, motors, switches, throttle, relays, and all the wires of Power Wheels. Some models may have a … Read more

How to Install a Remote Kill Switch For Power Wheels

How to Install a Remote Kill Switch For Power Wheels

A remote kill switch in the power wheels allows parents to control the vehicle when they see a possible danger when their kid is playing with the Power Wheels. A remote kill switch can be installed in the Power Wheels by modifying a walkie-talkie or any other radio device using some other parts. Once the … Read more

Power Wheels Battery Charged But Not Working

Power Wheels Battery Charged But Not Working

Is your kid’s ride-on toy car’s battery fully charged but not working? Well, you’re not alone; this is a common issue affecting many parents. In fact, this is one of the main signs of a damaged battery. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the battery is dead; the battery connectors may also cause this problem. … Read more

Power Wheels Upgrades: How to Soup up Power Wheels

power wheels upgrades

Does your kid want his/her power wheels vehicles to run faster than their friend’s toy vehicles? Some parents have complained that their kids have asked for better-performing power wheels, even after using their new toy vehicles for only a few weeks. Unfortunately, buying a new one after every few years can be costly. Luckily, there … Read more

Peg Perego vs Power Wheels: Which is Better?

peg perego vs power wheels

Even though Power Wheels has become a common household name associated with ride-on toy cars, Peg Perego was the first company to produce battery-powered toys. Power Wheels and Peg Perego have been the two major players in the ride-on toys industry for the last three decades. And despite the fact that they have been competing … Read more