Can You Put a 12V Battery in a 6V Power Wheel?

Can You Put a 12V Battery in a 6V Power Wheel

If you want to increase the speed of your power wheels, you can put a 12V battery in the place of a 6V battery, and that will do the trick.  If you add a second gearbox, then the upgrade will improve the power wheels’ traction.  Why should you upgrade your 6V battery to 12V? 6V power … Read more

Power Wheels Drill Conversion (5 Easy Steps)

Power Wheels Drill Conversion

Using a battery from unused and old power tools like drills or flashlights will save your money for battery replacement in the power wheels, this process is called power wheels drill conversion. The drill conversion gives a new life to the battery so it can be used again. The process is simple, you just have … Read more

Ride On Car Remote Control Not Working

Ride On Car Remote Control Not Working

Is your kid’s ride-on car remote not working? Well, in most instances, the simple solution for this problem is usually replacing the batteries. But at times, the problem can be more than just dead batteries, and knowing how to troubleshoot this issue can help you save a lot of cash on repairs. Why Is My … Read more

How to Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control

How to Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control

So, you have bought your kids a power wheels car. However, you want to make sure they will not drive themselves into the real road. Thankfully, there is a way to turn your power wheels car into a mega-sized remote-controlled vehicle. Not only is this safer for kids, it is also fun for you! How … Read more

How to make Power Wheels Faster

How to Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control

Most of the traditional 6V or 12V Power Wheels have low speed, these Power Wheels can be made faster after some modifications which generally increase the voltage.  Ideally, the 6V can be upgraded to 12V and 12V can be upgraded to 24V. You can also change the voltage according to your requirements or resources. Upgrading … Read more

Can Power Wheels Get Wet? (Explained)

Can Power Wheels Get Wet?

Power Wheels are not designed to get wet. Moisture can damage electrical components in toy cars and erode and rust mechanisms. In wet conditions, they should be stored inside or with a cover. In this article we will discuss what to do if your Power Wheels get wet and provide a guide on washing, storing, … Read more

Electric Ride On Car Not Charging: How to Fix

Electric Ride On Car Not Charging

Is your kid’s electric ride on car not charging? Well, these toys tend to stop charging when they’re not well maintained.  Unfortunately, most parents don’t know how to troubleshoot this toy vehicle and always assume that the battery is dead when it’s not charging, which is not always the case.  So, before purchasing a new … Read more

How to Lift Power Wheels in 9 Steps

Can You Lift Power Wheels

If you are living in a hilly area, it will be difficult for your kids to play with their power wheels because of the height of the power wheels; the solution for this is to lift the power wheels to increase their height. The idea is to add some parts to the power wheels to … Read more

Are Power Wheels Dangerous?

Are Power Wheels Dangerous?

Power Wheels and the Never-Ending Safety Dilemma. There is nothing quite like the feeling of waking up on your birthday to a green-wrapped Ford Mustang with your name on it.  Even if said car is 10 times smaller than the real thing and you’re only 6 years old, the sentiment is never quite lost on … Read more

How Long Do Power Wheels Batteries Last?

How Long Do Power Wheels Batteries Last?

When you are buying power wheels for your child, an important thing that comes to your mind is how long your kid can play in one charging. The time of playing is based on a combination of battery and motor, also if the power wheels have other playing features like speakers and lights then it … Read more